Monday, May 1, 2017

Pitch Counts for Young Pitchers

There continues to be an epidemic of shoulder and elbow injuries from little leaguers through the professionals. Tommy John surgery rates are climbing the fastest in high school pitchers. The problem is present in the pros who are always in search of increased velocity. Read a sad opinion piece HERE.

Pitch counts have been set up for Little League and can be found HERE. It can be hard to keep the exact numbers memorized. In general a pitcher should be limited to 5 pitches per year of age per outing and 10 pitches per year of age per week with plenty of rest between starts. As Jimmy Andrews frequently says -- no breaking balls before they start shaving-- can be helpful in helping limit young arm injuries. Make sure your child's coach is aware of the rules and enforces them to help us prevent injuries or loss of time from the game.

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