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Is It Ok To Exercise On An Empty Stomach?

There are pros and cons for exercising on an empty stomach from a dieting and age standpoint. Read details HERE

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Adding These 3 Nutrients May Help Your Health

Vitamins D and B complex and magnesium are 3 nutrients you want to make sure are part of your diet. Find out how HERE

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Diet Hints To Help Sleep

What you eat during the day impacts your ability to fall asleep. Find easy helpful hints HERE

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What Food Is Healthiest? Take The Quiz

Our ideas are changing on what the most healthiest foods are. Are fats bad. Are carbs bad. Find out HERE by taking this interesting quiz.

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Filling Foods Aid Weight Loss

Nothing is worse for a diet than that gnawing feeling of hunger. Certain foods will help combat that by providing a low calorie full feeling. Find them HERE

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What Exercise Burns The Most Calories? Take The Quiz

What type of exercise most quickly burns calories. The answers to this quiz may surprise you. Take it HERE

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Weight Loss: Begin By Cutting 1 Soda A Week

Weight loss is hard, but one way to get started can be as simple as cutting out one soda a week. Read details HERE

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

What Exercise Suppresses Appetite Best

Exercise can suppress appetite. Read HERE to figure out what works best. It appears long or intense efforts are the most effective

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