Monday, October 17, 2016

Knee Bone Bruise: Their Affect on Athletes and the 2016 Baseball Playoffs

The Blue Jay's playoff hopes were hurt when Devon Travis was diagnosed with a bone bruise.
He underwent a cortisone injection, but has not improved enough to play. These injuries which are increasingly diagnosed require a traumatic loading of the knee. In the isolated situation there is no structural damage. The knee will be swollen and painful with activity. Bone bruises are also frequently noted with ACL tears (80%) when the tibia (leg bone) subluxes and strikes the femur (thigh bone). Diagnosis can be suspected based on clinical exam and history, but requires an MRI for confirmation. That is why they were not known to exist before the mid 1980s. 

In the common isolated situation there is little that can be done to speed recovery. Most physicians have felt that the recovery to full activities is 6 weeks, but in this study I published in 2000 we demonstrated different results. This was the first ever report of a series of isolated bone bruises. In this study published in the American Journal of Sports medicine it was shown that the average time to recovery and full normal activities was 3.1 months. This was much longer than health care professionals had previously thought it took for recovery. This has ended up as very helpful information in advising athletes, coaches and general managers as to the timeframe for their recovery from these injuries. You can read the entire study HERE

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