Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ankle Sprains Can Be More Than They Appear

Ankle sprains represent one of the most common reasons people present to Emergency Rooms for musculoskeletal complaints. While nearly everyone has sustained a sprain in their lives if ignored they can present significant disability. Ankle sprains as depicted in this picture are tears of the ligaments around the ankle. The most common type is depicted here as an inversion sprain with the ankle rolling in on itself.
Typically significant swelling is noted and there may be dramatic bruising.

Frequently when seen in the Emergency Room patients are given crutches, instructed to ice and elevate and little else is done. In reality all ankle sprains severe enough to go to the ER should undergo physical therapy for range of motion, strengthening and balance training. Additionally, the patient may need to braces during recovery.
Upon returning to sports it may be a good idea to wear a functional brace which may be as effective or more effective than taping.

A significant ankle sprain may continue to ache with activity for several weeks. Read HERE for several more facts regarding ankle sprains. Always take these seriously.

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