Sunday, December 18, 2016

Adrian Peterson Returns From Meniscus Repair: What is the Likelihood of Success?

Adrian Peterson, the outstanding running back for the Vikings is returning from what was apparently a meniscus repair.
While many people think they undergo meniscus repair the most common treatment for meniscus injuries is to trim out the torn portion. Only in ~10% can you actually stitch the meniscus together. We have researched meniscus repair results extensively in my Sports Medicine practice and have found that when indicated the results can be excellent. In our minimum 5 year results for all inside arthroscopic meniscus repair we found that 88% were still intact at 5 years when meniscus repair was the only procedure. If combined with an ACL reconstruction the results were slightly worse with a success of 82% at 5 years. To read more detail find the study HERE

 Torn meniscus requiring trimming on the left and a meniscus undergoing all-inside arthroscopic repair on the right

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